3 Tips to Write A Short Resume to Stand Out
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Resumes are best when they are clean and uninformed. Resumes must present 4 key points -

1- Skills
2- Capabilities, a 
Value statement
3- Achievements
4- Education

We all struggle when it comes to writing a resume that is concise and on target. Even recruiters struggle with their own resumes. Sometimes, you come up short and do not know what tips to follow.

The tips below will help you create a resume into a more concise and on target short resume.
Here are tips on how to create a short resume.
1- Choose The Right Resume Layout.

Google Docs has some of the most common and free resume templates.

          Go to your Google menu > Click Docs

Click Template Gallery

Scroll down to Resumes

Layout and Formatting Must Align Well To Have a Winning Resume.

At the Top of the resume After your name and contact info
  • Include a Value statement - A clear value statement that highlights your strongest attributes.
Under Value statement 
  • Education and certifications
Next Section
  • Include a core competency section, include Keywords that highlight your searchable skills.

The rest of your resume is dedicated to your past roles and responsibilities - With Achievements highlighted in each section.

2- Watch your formatting.

This is the key component to making your resume look uniform and appealing. 

Font, size, spacing, and placement of keywords, etc., 

Use Fonts like Arial, Comic Sans or Times New Roman

Recommended Font size: 10 to 12 depending on how much content is in your resume. Again the goal is to make your resume look uniform and appealing.  

You can expand spaces between lines if you have no content and Junior or new to the job market.

3- Use Keywords.

Most resumes get scanned by an Applicant Tracking System that scans for keywords to find a match.

Include keywords based on your industry and level of experience

Avoid a long list of keywords. Use keywords wisely.

Include keywords in your description as part of a statement, that describes your accomplishment in using that skill.

Go through the job post and check for any important keywords you can incorporate into your resume.

Be sure you are familiar with the qualifications and key terms. If selected for an interview and they ask about it - It won't look good.

Keep in Mind -  Recruiters spend 6 to 9 seconds to screen a resume

These small changes can work to your advantage in creating a resume that is uniform and appealing to catch the eye of the recruiter.

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Thank you,
The introPulse Team

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