Paper Resumes Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon
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For years, people have been saying that paper resumes are dead.
Search Google, LinkedIn or Twitter for “paper resumes” and many of the results are posts or tweets talking about the Internet-based resume. "Paper resumes are dead". Most candidates will say “I am interested in the role, check my LinkedIn Profile”

So who is actually saying paper resumes are dead?

1) Companies who developed solutions to build a video resume.
Regardless candidates need BOTH a video resumes and a paper resume. Both will help you with your job search. They’re both job search “marketing tools” to make an impact and help you Stand Out if used properly.
2) Recruiters who don’t want to go through paper resumes use new platforms that offer resumes combined with Video introductions like introPulse.  A Video is an important part of the hiring process. Remember the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” The picture is no longer enough.

Employers are not satisfied to check a Jobseeker's picture on LinkedIn. They want to see a moving picture and that's why many use introPulse to make their next hire.

A short well written resume is a critical piece of the hiring process and will not go anywhere any time soon. It goes hand in hand with any other tool you use to stand out to employers and recruiters

Here is why you still need a paper resume

1- Even in 2018, smaller companies who make up the majority of any major job search market. Are still aren’t fully digital.
2- Digital resumes get lost just like paper resumes. The Resume copy you bring to the interview or the managers' prints out is the only resume that stays active. Especially the one with notes of your interview.

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