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Replace phone screens, the hassle of scheduling and the guesswork!

How introPulse works

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Screen and interview with one application

Add Pre-screen Interview
Questions To Your
Job Posting
Post your job on 50+ job
boards with
one submission
Candidates search,
Apply and record Answers
Assess Candidates
Videos and Resume
with the team
Invite and Hire
the best
Search Job Interviews Posted by Employers and Recruiters
Apply with Your Current Resume
Practice and Record Interview Answers
View and Submit your Job Interview Application
Standout and Get Invited for a Final Live Interview
Send Jobs with Video Interviews to 50+ Job Boards with One Click

Post a Job Interview

Fill out a new job form. Add Video screening questions to save time and ensure you only get the most qualified candidates to apply.

Get Instantly Matched

With one-click, our powerful technology sends your job to over 50+ job boards across the web, targets the best qualified candidates and alerts them to pre-interview to your job on any device.

Review Candidates With Your Team

invite your Team to View and Rate resume, profiles, video answers,, and much more!
All on one easy-to-use Dashboard for the entire team.

Hire and Hire More!

Our free plan includes a reusable job interview spot, when you’re ready to post another job, simply close the filled job and post your next job using the same free job slot.

More Reasons To Love introPulse

We're here to help you improve your hiring process.

Powerful Technology

With one click, we send your job to 50+ job boards across the web, identify the best talent, and notify them to apply.

Pre-Screen Interview Questions

Add pre-screen interview questions to save time and ensure you only see the most qualified applicants

Reusable Job Spots

All plans include reusable job spots, when you’re ready to post another job, simply close the position and reuse that same job slots

Social Media Posting

Send your job to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, with one click

Mobile Friendly Interface

introPulse is designed for mobile users so you can post a job, review candidates, rate and more while on-the-go!

Premium Support

Chat with our AI BOT, Call, email or use our contact form - we're always here and happy to help you get the most out of introPulse.

Screen candidates 5X faster with Videos

Engage your candidates

Reduce time to fill

Improve hiring manager satisfaction

Lower cost per hire

Why introPulse

Allow qualified candidates to show who they are and standout behind a paper resume.

Use Videos and Pictures to showcase your company culture, environment, and teammates.

Qualified candidates have the flexibility and time to respond when and where it best fits their schedule.

Engage and hire the best talent using video interviewing

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